Photos 03.15.00
Sunday, March 12 marked the first ever Old Man Gloom live performance. it also marked the first apperance of the newest member of the OMG Institute Luke Scarola, performing sonic duties on the sampler machine. Old Man Gloom in it's new five piece incarnation will be going back into the studio in mid April to record not one, but TWO follow up albums to the "Meditations in B" disc which was released January 2000. Tortuga Records has been kind enough to continue their working relationship with the OMG Institute by granting funds for the next research development projects to be conducted by the institute. Also in the works for Old Man Gloom are songs for split 7" with Crash Activated on Hydra Head/Tortuga, several covers songs including a Black Flag cover designated for a split with Boston bretheren the Hope Conspiracy, and some other top secret disease warfare defense research.


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